Monday, January 12, 2009

Madsen Reunion

Hi everyone. I know it seems that I've been talking about this forever and not taking any action, but I am finally on the ball. Yes, I am working at setting up a Madsen Family Reunion in our native land of Arizona. (Although, Flagstaff looks nothing like Roll.) I am shooting for July 1-6. Hopefully everyone will be able to find some days in there that they could make it here. Jared and Etta will have their new one by then and Dani will just have to put off giving birth until after the reunion. Cameron will get to celebrate the big 19 here, too. People could come earlier and stay later if they wanted. (I work until the 30th of June, but I only work mornings.) There is a lot to do and I will try to post photos and links to what is around. There is also the opportunity of visiting exciting Roll and seeing..."the bubble." I will also try to find out what Lori's schedule is so that all the "easterners" can get a chance to see Matt's sister, too.
Please respond to me with whether or not and when you can come, as well as what you are interested in doing while here. We may be able to have some four-wheelers by then and possibly horses, too. I was thinking about taking Saturday and Sunday to drive down to Roll and go to church Sunday morning. Maybe we could borrow somebody's haystack to sit on to watch fireworks.


Brandon and Danielle Kuhns said...

Hey Guys! how are you all doing? Brandon and I are doing fine. We just work so theres not a whole lot to say there. I definately want to come... we'll just have to see. Im due August 12th so hopefully i can make it. I love the pics... Looks like it would be a blast.

Love Dani

Brandon and Danielle Kuhns said...

Actually I probably wont be able to go. Its just too close to popping. Im really sad about it. so I get to be stuck in Idaho all summer long. oh btw brandon and I have our own blog. give me your email and I'll add you so you can view it.